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Lettering Styles For Posters-Things To Know

Posted on 25 February 2018 (0)

It is easy to find printable alphabet letters on the internet. You can use fun or fancy alphabet letter styles for a range of alphabet focused activities. Here are 10 classroom uses for printable alphabets. Coloring, coloring in alphabet sheets is a great activity for lower grades. You can give each student a different style. When they have finished coloring and cutting out the letters, they can swop some with others to create a mixed style alphabet. Sorting, print out alphabet sheets with a range of different styles. Cut the letters out – this only needs to be done simply – squares are fine. Your students can do this for you. Then, give each student a random selection of 3 or 4 letters. Their job is to color the letters and then glue them on to a class poster (you will need one for each letter), in a class alphabet book, or on a letter page in their workbook.Image result for Lettering Styles For Posters
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Missing letters, before you photocopy a class set, white out 4 or 5 letters. Students then need to add the missing letters and color in the alphabet. Group poster, blow up an alphabet print out to A3 size. Get small groups of students to work together on one sheet. It’s fun if you make it a light hearted competition with a small prize for the winning group. Alphabet tree, students draw a large tree on A3 art paper. A two line trunk and cloud shaped top is simple to do and works fine. Students then glue colored letters to the tree to create an alphabet tree. It’s raining letters, students draw a large cloud on the top half of an A3 art paper page. They can also draw some friends underneath the cloud. They then color and cut out alphabet letters. These are glued on to the picture to make alphabet rain.

Poster work, upper grade students love to experiment with letter shapes. Tape several samples of alphabet styles around a working station. When students are working on a poster or project they can copy the letters or draw inspiration from them. Tracing, laminate A4 or A3 free printable alphabet sets so that students can trace the letters. These make a handy classroom resource that can be used for posters, projects, cards and end of term activities. Decorating, get your students to color the letters and then use them to decorate books, class storage boxes and art supply tins. Word challenge, each student is given an alphabet sheet and asked to color in their letters. The students then work in small groups to construct words out of the group’s combined letters. It looks wonderful if the words they make are glued onto colored A3 paper. Students can be challenged to make the most words and the longest word.